Interview mit dem Installations-Künstler

kurzweil-ICH: Benedetto Bufalino


Vor Kurzem hatte ich euch die tolle Fußballplatz-Skulptur des Künstlers Benedetto Bufalino vorgestellt. Im kurzen Mail-Interview hat mir der Franzose einige Fragen zu seiner Arbeit und vor allen seinen kreativen Arbeiten beantwortet. Eine gute Möglichkeit, euch Einblick in sein komplettes Portfolio voll skurriler Gebilde und Mashups zu schenken. Und scheinbar spielt Humor eine sehr wichtige Rolle in seinem Leben…


What makes a good art installation in your oppinion?

An art work that shows the daily differently, with humor.

When did you decide to become an artist?

I decided to become an artist after my art studies in 2005. I wanted to change the world, to make it more funny.

Can you describe your usual process of creating a new artwork?

My process is to make sketch, plans etc … then the work is produced on site.


Your latest creation is the walled football field in Anglet. Are you excited about the creative ways people use it that you didn’t expect in the beginning?

Usually the art works you can’t be touched. Here people can play in the sculpture, jumped. Children play a walk on walls / lines.

Is there a dream project of yours, that seems impossible to do but you really wished to do it?

I am in discussions with the « City of Paris » for big project on the Eiffel Tower. To the Eiffel Tower key ring.


Depending on your artworks you seem very interested in sports – what kinds are you doing actively yourself?

I like sports, I like the ping-pong.

Do you happen to have a favorite artwork of yours (and why)?

The aquarium phone booth is my favorite, the people love this art work. I have exhibited this in Lyon, Biarritz, Metz, Nantes, Ghent, Durham, London, Mauricius …


Is there an artist, you would like to collaborate with (and why)?

I would like to work with Maurizio Cattelan, I love his humor.

Always my last question (because of „LangweileDich.net“ meaning something like „BeBored.not“): What do you do when you are feeling bored?

I like listen Philippe Katerine, also for his humor.

Thanks for the interview.


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