kurzweil-ICH: Interview mit Rapper Snob Scrilla

kurzweil-ICH: Interview mit Rapper Snob Scrilla snob_scrilla_interview_01

Sean Ray ist unter dem Namen Snob Scrilla unterwegs. Der gefühlte Halb-Amerikaner und Halb-Australier ist ’83 geboren und seit 2007 als Musiker, Rapper und Produzent aktiv. Nach einer ersten EP 2008 kam 2009 mit Day One das erste Studioalbum heraus. In diesem Interview erklärt er uns, wann endlich ein Nachfolger erscheint, wieso er froh ist, in der heutigen Technologie-Ära zu leben und wie er seinen Nebenjob als Schauspieler in der Sitcom The IT-Crowd findet.

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First things first: How did you get your alias Snob Scrilla and what does ist mean?

Well, here in Cali where I’m from scrilla is slang for cash so Snob Scrilla was taken on to signify that my main priority wasn’t making music to make money it was to create tracks I was proud of and to have an impact through my creativity.

You have been born in the United States and went to Australia for studying. On your Myspace you have both mentioned as your location, California and Sydney. Where do you feel home and which culture has influenced you the most?

I def feel at home in Australia no because I think I’ve come into my own as an artist here… really I’ve developed into the artist I always wanted to be since moving here. As far as cultural influences though I think I really take on things from both. A lot of the political, social commentary comes from growing up in the states and then moving to another part of the world where there is a much more global perspective of current events and social politics. It was like having the blinders lifted and that expansion of horizons was a huge influence for my music.

Have you been to Germany yet?

I have been to Germany actually! Not for shows though, I visited when I was younger on vacation to Munich… I loved it and have been wanting to get back to tour soon as I can.

Your multi-continental influences seem to skip to your music as well. There are several music genres mixed together on your debut album Day One. Rap, Hip Hop, Electro, Reggae and a lot more. You do not seem to be the one who wants to be pigeonholed. How did you come up with this special mix of sounds? Is this the subsumption of your personal preferences in music?

Well I listen to so much music, and I wanted all of those sounds to be a part of my music. I guess that was also a part of not tailoring the project to make money… I was more interested in having creative freedom to go any direction on any song rather than trying to make the „perfect/ideal“ album for fans of one genre.

The album which is currently on repeat on your ipod/stereo/whatsoever?

Frank Ocean – Notalgia/Ultra.

Many songs of yours are dealing with relationships, other with stereotypes or even politics – how do you come up with your content/lyrics? And what are the topics you do like writing about the most?

When I’m writing for myself I just write from my experiences and opinions. I probably like most writing concsious tracks with a message, things that make you reconsider your perspective, or bring issues to light. I’m a hopless idealist when I get in the booth.

I personaly came across your music when I discovered your music video for Heartbreak Scorsese on the internet (and published it on LangweileDich.net). What do you think about the impact of modern technologie on the possebilities of musicians and artists? Are you happy to be born in this age and as a consequence be able to connect to people worldwide and let them hear your music?

Modern Tech is the saving grace of every single musician in the world right now. Globalisation has lead to the breakdown of the MEGA territories allowing artists from smaller parts of the planet to compete on the world stage with major artists. It’s also forced the major labels to sit up and take notice of what the rest of the world is doing because the consumer now has access to so much more than just what’s available in the record shop and what’s spinning on the radio. I’m incredibly grateful to be born in this age of tech…

As we speak of the internet: When someone visits your homepage he only gets to see links to social networks. You’re (more or less) active on myspace, twitter and facebook. Why isn’t there a „normal“ homepage of yours? Isn’t myspace kinda dead (it is in Germany) and twitter and facebook only there to connect with your audience?

Well, I’ve cooled out for a bit with my online activity in the interest of focusing on the next record. For now I keep it simple and when I’m ready to get back into it you’ll see a huge revamp and I’ll be back in action.

Your last album dropped in 2009. When will we finally get to hear something new from you besides your being as a producer?

I think I’ll have a single out from the new album within the year and possibly the album even. It’s hard getting it done with all the production on the table at the moment but it’s coming along and I’m hyped because it is sounding really big.

Is there any artist you would like to cooperate with (like in a duet, a mashup or productionwise)?
Andre 3000, Bassnectar, Sub Focus, Rob Swire…

Completely other topic: How does it feel to be playing a nerd in a comedy series?

I already know what’s coming next ha….

You do look a bit like the character Moss in the british sitcom The I.T. Crowd. ;) You’ve heard of it?

I’m a MASSSSSIVE fan of the IT crowd and I love the character Moss, I love spouting off quotes from the show. „Watch your ruddy language….My Ears Are Not A Toilet!!!!“

Always my last question when I’m interviewing someone: My weblog is called LangweileDich.net what means something like „be bored.not“. What do you do when you feel bored?

When I feel bored it’s always video games!!! black ops, street fighter on 3ds, and crysis 2.

Thanks for the interview.

Thanks for taking the time to ask!

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