Star Wars vs. Pixar Character-Mashup

Künstler Silof hat bekannte Charaktere aus Pixar-Filmen in das Star Wars Universum gezeichnet und gibt seine Gedanken zu jedem der 11 Übergänger preis.

Star Wars vs. Pixar Character-Mashup pixar_wars_01

„No grand subtext here, they are both old. But this is my favorite one of all.“

„This is the one that started this whole idea. I was watching Monsters Inc. with my daughter for the hundredth time, and the light bulb when we were talking and compared Chewbacca to Sully.“

„The bi-pedal design, utilitarian nature, and non vocal communication made them a natural pairing.“

„Han obviously has his origins in the gun slinging westerns, so this was an obvious pairing. I am surprised how little I had to change to make this work.“

„Short, green, nuf said.“

„I really like this pairing. A Bug’s Life is often over looked in the Pixar catalog. Both Luke and Flik are wide-eyed dreamers who long for a bigger/better life.“

„If Luke was and ant, and Luke and Leia are related then Atta should be an ant. Plus my daughter likes both of these characters so I liked combining them. Both characters are powerful women leaders.“

„My first idea was to use Syndrome from the Incredibles to include all the films, but I like the idea of the armor and jet pack. Plus combining my 2 favorite characters from both universes could not be passed up.“

„If Wall-E was R2 then obviously Eva should be 3PO, plus the sleeker design when compared to Wall-E had a similar juxtaposition of elements.“

„I hated wasting a bad guy on basically a grunt soldier, but the more I thought about it I liked the bug shell/armor comparison.“

„Of all the characters this is the biggest no-brainer. Obviously Zurg was inspired on some level as a Vader-esque character. The film even uses Star Wars dialogue, scenarios, and sound effects.“


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