BREAKING NEWS: Vier ausgewachsene Männer aus Neuseeland springen durch einen HullaHoop-Reifen

Wahnsinn. Ich bin sprachlos.

Die MÜSSEN einfach Langeweile gehabt haben und kennen diesen Blog nicht: „After practicing getting the throw right, this was about our 6th try. We thought we would be there for hours and were shocked to do it so quickly. The Hula Hoop belongs to a flatmate and this was our first hula stunt, but it’s coming on all our summer travels now.“

Story By 3 News in New Zealand:

„Hennik Hassett woke up this morning to a pleasant surprise.

His latest YouTube video, the result of mucking around with mates at a Tairua bach on a Friday afternoon, has over 15,000 views and 100 comments.

„It’s pretty funny seeing all the comments,“ says Mr Hassett.

„On my morning tea break I went and looked at my Gmail and there was so many comments I couldn’t get through them all before I went back to work.“

The video’s premise is easy to grasp — dreadlocked Kiwi blokes jump through a hoop on the front lawn of their bach. So simple a dog could do it right?

But their trick involves four guys and a backspinning hoop, in an entirely unplanned stunt.

„We went down early on the Friday and we were just killing time on the lawn,“ says Mr Hassett.

„It’s my flatmate’s [hoop] so she was meeting us down there so we took it down, not specifically to make that video.“

„I can’t remember which one of us was starting to do it with one person, I don’t know who it was but someone said ‚let’s all do this‘, then when they started to get close I thought we should video this in case we get it.“

The bach’s lawn is pristine and Mr Hassett admits it may have played a part in the group’s success.

„That lawn was really nice, that was my mate’s dad’s bach and he takes great pride in it.“

„It was a bit of a fluke, it was a surprise that they managed to do it, because all of those other attempts before that the first or second guy would knock it over so to get all four at once was a bit amazing.“

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