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kurzweil-ICH: Blood Red Shoes

Is this sound the core essence of Blood Red Shoes or something like a new start?

I wouldn’t call it a new start because we couldn’t have made this record without making the three before it. But for me, yeah it feels like „here we are, this is us“, now things are really beginning. The last three albums was like us learning who we are and figuring out what we’re doing, now we’re starting to really get our point across.

You did produce this album in Berlin. How did you come up with this location?

We’ve always really liked Berlin, we know it fairly well from tour because we’ve played a lot and spent a fair amount of time. We also liked the idea of it because it has a long history of music, whether it be techno or dance music, or old Iggy Pop and David Bowie. There’s a cool history of albums being made which was really appealing. We didn’t realise quite how much we’d like it until we moved over though, because once we got to Berlin we wrote so many songs and found everything so inspiring that we didn’t want to leave. the only reason we really stopped was because we had way over an album’s worth of songs and we really wanted to get the record out so we could tour!

„Just getting in the there and fucking rocking out“

Is there a limitation of sound when you work on new music because of you being a two person band?

Yeah of course. When we jam we just play with a drum kit and a guitar, then we sing… We can add other parts afterwards but in that moment of creation that’s mostly all we use. It means we can use our instruments in different ways compared to bands with more people, which is fun, but ultimately I think it’s that directness and limitation of instruments that makes us really creative. Having infinite options can put you into total creative paralysis. Just getting in the there and fucking rocking out with two instruments you can make things flow really fast and get things happening.

2008 I saw you playing the Area4 festival, in a little tent next to the main stage. Now you play in big concert halls. Describe your perfect location for a gig.

I love playing anywhere. I think there’s a bit of a myth that a small thing is automatically better, but it’s not what I’ve found to be the case. We’ve played festivals with 12.000 people in a tent which feel just as amazing as when we played in a guy’s apartment a couple of weeks ago in Berlin. It all depends on the moment, if we’re playing right as a band and we really connect with the audience then you can have an amazing show. I do think the sound gets worse when the venues are bigger than about 2.000 people. It has something to do with physics but whenever I see a rock show on a bigger stage it always sounds a bit more vague and never as physical as I want. If we had a choice I would always want to play places smaller than that so it sounds tight as fuck… Except festivals.

„Go get in some trouble“

Probably you are together all the time and know nearly everything about each other. Can you each tell the other and us a thing about you, the other one does not know about?

No because we’re sworn to secrecy. that’s what the title of our first album is about.

„LangweileDich.net“ does mean something like „BeBored.not“ – so my last question as always: What do you do when you feel bored?

I do all kinds of things when I’m bored… Sometimes I try to make music but I don’t really like making music by myself, I find it quite difficult and very un-satisfying. But otherwise just probably go get in some trouble.

kurzweil-ICH: Blood Red Shoes bloodredshoes_03

Weitere Informationen zur Band könnt ihr auf ihrer Website bekommen. Ansonsten kann ich euch nur empfehlen, eine der Live Shows der beiden zu besuchen. Lohnt sich!

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  1. fokka says

    haha, das letzte bild is gut^^

    vom album bin ich noch nicht so der fan, aber gut, die ersten drei sind ja wirklich schwer zu toppen. noch paar mal reinhören…

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