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kurzweil-ICH: Interview mit Fotograf Gabriel Bascou

kurzweil-ICH: Interview mit Fotograf Gabriel Bascou Gabriel-Bascou-interview_01

Vor einer ganzen Weile sind mir die Bilder des aus Montpellier stammenden Gabriel Bascou aufgefallen. Anfang des Jahres hatte ich den französischen Fotografen dann angefragt, ob er nicht Teil meiner „kurzweil-ICH“-Reihe werden wolle. Ja, das Interesse war direkt da, doch diverse Dinge standen dem Vorhaben auch im Weg. Doch jetzt, fast vier Monate später, haben wir es endlich geschafft!

Nun gut, ich musste mich fix noch darüber informieren, wie ich als Windows-Nutzer nun so eine „.pages“-Datei geöffnet bekomme, auf ein erstes Foodporn-Bild von ihm habe ich vergeblich gehofft und auch meine Frage nach den Lieblingsbildern war offenkundig etwas irritierend gestellt, so dass ich keine von ihm geschossenen genannt bekommen habe, aber wurscht! Das Interview ist meiner Meinung nach auch so interessant geworden und bietet viel Inspiration, nicht nur, was Freunde der Fotografie anbetrifft, auch denen, die gerne mal mehr aus ihrer Komfortzone gehen würden. Do it!

kurzweil-ICH: Interview mit Fotograf Gabriel Bascou Gabriel-Bascou-interview_02

Interview: Gabriel Bascou

Maik: Is it true that you had your first experiences with photography because you didn’t want to appear on the images yourself and therefor volunteered to shoot them?

Gabriel: Yes, I’m by nature shy and reserved. Photography has been a cure. A way to kick me in the ass. As I meet people, I gain confidence and learn from them. Now, I’m learning how to get to the other side of the lens little by little!

kurzweil-ICH: Interview mit Fotograf Gabriel Bascou Gabriel-Bascou-interview_03-1

You studied medicine but did start your career by doing marketing for a friend’s restaurant in Paris (“Shaka Poke”) – how did you end up being a professional photographer?

During the last years of my studies I developed my photography, especially on my instagram. It was there that I was spotted by a childhood acquaintance who then asked me to take care of all the communication of his restaurant (photos, social networks, marketing etc).

In the beginning you made a lot of food photography for the restaurant – do you remember what the first thing was you photographed (and do you maybe still have the image)?

Absolutely, I remember those days very well. It was February 5th 2018 and it was a snowy day in Paris. It’s a picture I like very much. The Hawaiian specialty restaurant had just opened on a snowy day. It was empty. I hadn’t started shooting food yet. I was quite apprehensive about it so I think to reassure myself I went for what I already knew.

kurzweil-ICH: Interview mit Fotograf Gabriel Bascou Gabriel-Bascou-interview_03

After that phase you discovered outdoor photography for yourself. What do like most about that?

Outdoors photography has been a turning point in my photography practice. For one thing, it was a breath of fresh air. I had been shooting food for a few months and even though it was challenging at first, I wasn’t thriving. Afterwards, I met a lot of people who became my closest friends. Until then, I had never broken the ice of social networks and I had never met other photographers. Finally, more than outdoor photography, I realized that my true passion was adventure. Getting out of your comfort zone and living stories.

„Schwarz-Weiß in Farbe“

How many countries did you already visit and which ones would you like to visit some day?

I have had the opportunity to visit 25 countries, half of them in the last two years. The frequency of my travels has greatly accelerated since I became self-employed.

kurzweil-ICH: Interview mit Fotograf Gabriel Bascou Gabriel-Bascou-interview_04

After easy to manage food and mainly still sitting countrysides you also found your way to the human being as a motive. What is the most difficult thing you have to focus on with shooting lifestyle photography?

I used to shoot portraits before doing food and landscapes. I think the hardest thing is to have to shoot a lifestyle in an environment that doesn’t inspire us. Example: I find it very difficult to take pictures in the city because I don’t like to be there. I don’t like noise, crowds and modern shapes.

What do you prefer – food, nature or people?

I define my style as „environmental portrait“. To include a subject in his environment. Trying to tell a story from an image. When I was a kid, I loved looking at pictures or paintings with a lot of detail or movement. Also, I’m a little claustrophobic and I like my pictures to breathe. So what I like best is to shoot human beings in nature.

Besides a person in nearly every image of your Instagram the feed also is full of images that are relatively dark, regarding light setting and atmosphere. How would you describe your artistic style and what are you aiming to say with your pictures?

A customer once told me, „you look like you’re doing black and white in color“. I really like that metaphor. I’m really attracted to chiaroscuro and cinema. I like dark atmospheres because it inspires intimacy. It helps me to bring out my subject.

kurzweil-ICH: Interview mit Fotograf Gabriel Bascou Gabriel-Bascou-interview_05

A few years ago you sold most of your equipment and said “the more limits you have, the more creative you become” – can you tell us more about that?

I think, that when you have too many choices, you scatter and you are no longer efficient. You have to go back to basics. There is an infinite number of areas in photography and there is often a temptation to be equipped to respond to all situations. The best way to improve yourself is to choose a field and stick to it for a while. I often take the example of Henri Cartier-Bresson who is a reference in terms of composition and who used only one focal length all his life: the 50mm.

With what technical setup are you shooting at the moment?

From now on I separate my photography practice into two parts: professional and personal. For my professional work I use my trusty Sony A7rII which I have had for 3 years. With it, and thanks to my many lenses, I am able to meet all customer needs. For my personal work I use a Leica M10-P which I have had for almost a year. It is the camera of my dreams. I am very happy to have been able to afford it. I won’t leave it anymore. I use it 99% of the time with a 35mm.

Do you have a favorite picture (or several) and can you tell us what you like about them the most?

My three favorite photos were made by Arnaud Moro, Cayetano González and Jean Philippe Lebée. I like their harmony, their atmosphere and their movement.

Commercial break: What commercial work are you doing that one can book you to do?

I am able to perform all types of services. I am specialized in content creation. My long term wish is to work mainly in responsible travel, outdoor and adventure photography.

Always my last question: What do you do when you feel bored?

I haven’t been bored for one second since I became a nomad photographer two years ago.

Thanks for the interview.

Hier noch ein paar weitere Bilder von Gabriel Bascou, mehr zu der Arbeit des französischen Fotografen findet sich auf dessen Website sowie auf seinen Social-Media-Profilen bei Instagram und Facebook.

kurzweil-ICH: Interview mit Fotograf Gabriel Bascou Gabriel-Bascou-interview_06
kurzweil-ICH: Interview mit Fotograf Gabriel Bascou Gabriel-Bascou-interview_07-1
kurzweil-ICH: Interview mit Fotograf Gabriel Bascou Gabriel-Bascou-interview_08
kurzweil-ICH: Interview mit Fotograf Gabriel Bascou Gabriel-Bascou-interview_09

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