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Die besten Musikvideos des Jahres 2023: „Berlin Music Video Awards“-Gewinner:innen

Die besten Musikvideos des Jahres 2023: "Berlin Music Video Awards"-Gewinner:innen Berlin-Music-Video-Awards-2023-event-feier

Letzte Wochen stiegen zum mittlerweile elften Mal die Berlin Music Video Awards (kurz: BMVA). Vom 14. bis 17. Juni wurden Awards für die kreativsten Musikvideos des Jahres vergeben – ich hatte (als Medienpartner, der LangweileDich.net auch dieses Jahr mal wieder sein konnte!) hier ja bereits die Nominierungen verbloggt. Jetzt steht also fest, wer gewonnen hat – Zeit für mich, euch die Gewinner-Clips in einem Sammelbeitrag zu präsentieren.

Berlin Music Video Awards 2023: Winners

Hier alle fünfzehn Kategorien, zu denen Awards verliehen worden sind. Jeweils mit der entsprechenden Jury-Begründung sowie dem Musikvideo selbst, das ihr direkt anschauen könnt. Okay, fast direkt, weil aufgrund der Menge an Videoplayern habe ich den Beitrag auf zwei Unterseiten aufgeteilt.


SONG: Pharrell feat. 21 Savage & Tyler, The Creator – „Cash In Cash Out“
DIRECTOR: François Rousselet
LABEL: Columbia Records

DESCRIPTION: „The winning music video for The Best Animation goes to „Cash In Cash Out,“ a captivating collaboration between Pharrell Williams, 21 Savage, and Tyler, The Creator, which is a visually stunning and thematically rich experience from the ETC (Electric Theatre Collective)! Directed by François Rousselet, this video shows a seamless blend of music and visuals, which has left a lasting impact on the festival jury and viewers. Through stunning animation techniques, vibrant colours, and imaginative storytelling, it takes viewers on an exhilarating journey into a futuristic world of opulence and ambition. The ETC has done an amazing job of seamlessly converging individual artistry to create a memorable audiovisual experience. Their performances, complemented by the mesmerizing animation, showcased each artist’s unique persona and added depth to the storytelling.“


SONG: +K+M+B – „++“
DIRECTOR: Bingi Bongi

DESCRIPTION: „The winner of The Best Concept category goes to +k+m+b music video for “++“. This video is a captivating work of art that transcends traditional music videos. It delves into the depths of human emotions and existential questions, inviting viewers to embark on a visual and introspective journey. The director and winner Bingi Bongi has combined his signature elements of suspense, absurdity and black humour for a visually captivating, powerfully symbolic, and mesmerizing story to captivate the imagination and leave a lasting impression long after the final frame. The dark electronic band from Latvia competed against big names like Lizzo, Dermot Kennedy and Little Big, but had tremendous success over them with the video’s symbolism, surrealism, and stunning cinematography.“


SONG: Black Midi – „Sugar/Tzu“
PRODUCTION: Friend London
LABEL: Rough Trade

DESCRIPTION: „The winner for Best Editor goes to Arthur Le Fol & Noel Paul for their work on the music video “Sugar/Tzu“ by Black Midi. This video seamlessly transitions between contrasting scenes, each with its own unique visual style, and uses light and cinematography masterfully. The editing style employed in the video is fast-paced and visually striking, creating a sense of urgency and keeping the viewer fully engaged. These elements have gained the video’s favour over other nominated videos like “Music For A Sushi Restaurant“ by Harry Styles and “Disco Maghreb“ by DJ Snake. Quick cuts, time manipulation, and innovative transitions further enhance the surreal and disorienting experience, amplifying the impact of the music and visuals to have this music video rise above the rest.“


SONG: Nother feat. Moon Leap – „US“
DIRECTOR: Marco Santi
PRODUCTION: Illmatic Film Group
LABEL: Abyond

DESCRIPTION: „The winning music video for Most Trashy is a song for fresh beginnings and a twisted love ballad about the end of the world. The song, according to Nother, is „a way to face your fears, asking help from someone you love.“ This concept is illustrated by director and winner Marco Santi through a chef teaching his young employee how to dance in order to get him ready for a special date. Santi is an award-winning director from Italy working in film, music and advertising. His film, “Clara’’, won six prizes at the international festival, 48FILM Project. This time, he has captivated the audience and bested other category videos, like “Miss You“ by Oliver Tree and Robin Schulz, with its amazing combination of bass-heavy ballad with an unforgettable storyline of a person’s courage and the power of dance.“


SONG: Cheesecake Syndicate – „Hahahaha (Don’t You Just Know It)“
PERFORMER: Alex Bazela
DIRECTOR: Max Ksjonda

DESCRIPTION: „When things feel jinxed and the whole world seems to be conspiring against you, Best Performer winner Alex Bazela knows how to look on the bright side of being ill-fated and to smile through it all! The music video for Cheesecake Syndicate’s song “Hahahaha (Don’t You Just Know It)”, directed by Max Ksjonda, takes you through a chaotic morning where everything goes wrong, one fall after the one, but one also might just manage to slip into love. In competition with others like Tove Lo and Hannah Mason, Bazela shined bright with every inch and muscle being put into this story. This greatly executed production is enhanced by his performance, with a mix of fluid structured dance and comedic storytelling, you can’t help but smile yourself!“


SONG: Labrinth – „Kill For Your Love“
DIRECTOR: Ernest Desumbila
LABEL: Columbia Records

DESCRIPTION: „Best Director winner Ernest Desumbila sets us in a cyberpunk future on a journey of sweet violence for torturous love, a love that is trying to survive it all. With the world twisting and falling apart, she still finds his way back to him. „Kill For Your Love“ by Labrinth is a song that speaks of the lengths we are willing to go to for love, and the video perfectly captures the essence of that message. From the stunning transitions to the intricate details of movement, colour, and characterization, every aspect of the video is a masterpiece in its own right. Up against other music videos from big artists like Falling in Reverse and other known directors like James Chapell, Desumbila’s work made a statement for itself and came out on top.“


SONG: Cero Ismael – „WY“
DIRECTOR: Folkert Verdoorn
PRODUCTION: Emily Barendse & Quintin Baker /Tebbernekkel Production Company
LABEL: The Orchard Music

DESCRIPTION: „The music video for Cero Ismael’s „WY,“ directed by Tim Darmenov, captivates viewers with its visually stunning cinematography that earned them the esteemed Best Cinematography Awards at the Berlin Music Video Awards 2023 for Boas Van Milligen’s work. Set against a backdrop of mesmerizing landscapes, the video follows a narrative of self-discovery and transformation. With exquisite black-and-white lighting and expertly composed shots, the cinematography skillfully enhances the emotional journey portrayed in the song. Each frame is meticulously crafted, evoking a sense of introspective beauty. The music video of „WY“ truly showcases the mastery of Boas Van Milligen and Tim Darmenov in creating a captivating visual experience that perfectly complements Cero Ismael’s powerful music.“


SONG: Shjrunken Heads – „Cremantique“
DIRECTOR: Remy Lamont
LABEL: Hot Fools Record

DESCRIPTION: „The music video for Shjrunked Heads’ “Creamantique” directed by Remy Lafont, stands out as a remarkable achievement in the Low Budget category and takes the win! Despite limited resources, Lafont skillfully creates a visually engaging and imaginative experience. The video showcases the artist’s creativity and resourcefulness, utilizing unique DIY props, clever set designs, and creative camera techniques to bring the song to life. The director’s ability to maximize the impact of every frame on a limited budget is commendable. Through unconventional visuals and a distinct artistic vision, Remy Lafont successfully captures the essence of the music and leaves a lasting impression on the viewer. This work is a testament to the power of creativity and innovation in storytelling, and Lafont’s directorial talent shines through in this exceptional low-budget music video.“

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  1. Mr.Idea says

    Selten so ein Mist gesehen – Die Videos an sich gesehen sind zwar irgendwie cool und innovativ aber die Musik selbst ist absoluter Schrott – klar ist das letztendlich Geschmackssache aber neeeeeeee. Das ist sehr fraglich wie so etwas Preise gewinnen kann. :-(

    • Maik says

      Naja, es ist ein MusikVIDEO-Award – weshalb da die Musik selbst jetzt unbedingt toll sein muss, ist mir schleierhaft… ;)

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