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kurzweil-ICH: Sum 41

kurzweil-ICH: Sum 41 sum-41_01

„Don’t Call It a Sum-Back“ nennen die neuerdings fünf Jungs von Sum 41 ihre Tour. Kein Wunder, fünf Jahre mussten wir auf die neue Platte 13 Voices (Partnerlink, s. auch Kurzreview dazu) warten – unter anderem aufgrund eines Alkoholentzuges von Sänger Deryck Whibley.

Der spricht mit mir im Interview über die Verarbeitung des Erlebten in seiner Musik, dem seltsamen Gefühl, erneut Gitarre spielen lernen zu müssen und wie geil es eigentlich ist, dass Sum 41 noch immer existieren.

Sum 41 im Interview

Maik: Congratulations to chart position #9 in Germany for “13 Voices”! How lucky are you to be back?

Deryck: Extremely lucky. I wasn’t sure if we were going to make a new album or still be a band at this point. I’m glad we put in the work to get back to this point because all this success is a really pleasant surprise.

In an interview you told that the whole drinking thing was fun at first, then got boring and at last a real problem. But you realized that music and going on tour was the thing you wanted to do forever. Is music the best drug in the world?

For me the feeling of playing music for people all over the world is a better feelling than any drug or drink could ever give you.

Probably “13 Voices” would have sounded differently when Deryck wouldn’t have his health problems. How much has music and the possibility to cope with the situation by writing some helped in that special time?

I think all of my life experiences have an effect on the sound of the record. Wether it’s lyrical or musical. The music I write is always dependant on the way I feel or the mood I’m in at the time of writing.

You even had to learn to play guitar again, Deryck, what kind of weird experience was that?

At first it was very frightening and difficult. I knew what my fingers were supposed to do and where they were supposed to go but I couldn’t make them do what I wanted. After a lot of practice it started to come back.

You also mentioned that there was a time you did realize that bands are coming and going – but Sum 41 is still here. For twenty years now (congrats!) – did you believe this would be possible in the beginning?

In the beginning, yes I did. Only because I was young and when you’re young you think everything is going to last forever. As I got older and started seeing bands come and go I started to realize that it doesn’t always happen for everyone.

In Germany you got your breakthrough with “Fat Lip” – can you enjoy your now about 15 years old songs or how do you see them now?

Yeah, I totally love playing all the old songs still. In fact I probably love them more. You don’t love your children less once they’ve grown up! It’s the same thing.

kurzweil-ICH: Sum 41 sum-41_02

I think that nowadays your songs are more complex, maybe only get into the ear after the second or third time hearing them, but don’t therefore don’t get overplayed that easy. Is this a result of the band getting more experienced and “growing up”?

Possibly. I don’t really thingk about it.

With Dave Baksh coming back to the group you now happen to have three guitars in the band – what does this mean for the sound and creating new songs?

For the creation, nothing is really different. But on stage we can all play all the different parts that are on the albums.

It is also the first time you are a band of five members. How unusual have the first gigs been with less space and additional equipment on stage?

I think at first it was a little bit odd on stage for us but with how great the music sounded and how well we all played together instantly, we figured out how to be comfortable on stage quickly.

Some songs (or parts of them, like a late break in „God Save Us All”) remind me of some modern tunes by Linkin Park – how would you describe the 2016 Sum 41 sound?

I don’t really think about it.

I also did ask because of you mentioning before, that there are “some bands” evolving from rock to pop, but Sum 41 will always provide rock music against the lack of guitars in the modern music world. Is Linkin Park one of these bands that had to go “poppy” to get that successful?

I wouldn’t really know. I thought they were still a rock band? I don’t really pay attention to a lot of music in all honesty. I listen to Tom Petty, Aerosmith and The Stones. Bands like that.

Hopefully we don’t have to wait another five years for the next rock infusion by Sum 41…?

Probably not. I have a lot of music that never got finished in time for this record. There are songs that I’m still working on now.

Always my last question – based on the website being called „LangweileDich.net“ („BeBored.not“): What do you do when you feel bored?

Play basketball.

Thanks for the interview.

Sum 41 „Don’t Call It a Sum-Back Tour“ 2017

09.02.2017 Berlin | Astra Kulturhaus
10.02.2017 Leipzig | Täubchenthal
11.02.2017 München | Muffathalle
16.02.2017 Wiesbaden | Schlachthof
17.02.2017 Nürnberg | Löwensaal
18.02.2017 Köln | Palladium
13.03.2017 Hamburg | Große Freiheit 36

2. Bild: Ryan Watanabe Photography.

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  2. Deniz says

    Krass, der hat einen Alkoholanzug? Von Hugo Booze? 😂

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