Maik - 08.03.07 - 11:30

The Story (30 Seconds to Mars) about a girl (Nirvana)

Once upon a time (Tom Jones) there was (Redd Foxx) a (A) sad girl. (The Lemonheads) First time (U2) i saw her standing there (John Lennon) i hear a rhapsody, (Frank Sinatra) a (Ying Yang Twins) Bohemian Rhapsody. (Queen) I can’t explain. (Scorpions) Have you seen her? (MC Hammer) She’s the one. (James Brown) She’s a rebel, (Green Day) she’s a Lady – (Tom Jones) she’s gone. (Black Sabbath)

What is life (George Harrison) without her? (Ringo Starr) Life is hard. (Johnny Winter) Without her (Blood, Sweet & Tears) life’s a bitch. (Everlast) She’s the one. (The Ramones) Hold on. (Razorlight) Shut your Eyes. (Snow Patrol) Feel it. (Black Eyed Peas) Feel the pain. (GZA) She’s gone. (Eric Clapton) She’s the one. (Bruce Springsteen) I’m so sick. (Flyleaf) I can’t stand it (Eric Clapton) alone. (The Bee Gees) Without her. (Harry Nilsson) Without Love. (Johnny Cash) What is life (Olivia Newton-John) without love? (Bon Jovi)

Here she comes (Bonnie Tyler) again! (Alice in Chains) She’s back. (Westlife) Back home. (The Beach Boys) Back (Janet Jackson) in my Heart. (Moby)

Watsername? (Green Day) Love. (Mary J. Blige) She’s the one. (Robbie Williams)

(But (The Disco Students) she wants to (Brainwashaudio) have (spiv) been a son. (Nirvana))

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