kurzweil-ICH: Interview mit Disco Ensemble

Is it sometime that you go to your old songs and think “wow, this tune is so epic, I nearly forgot about it!”?

Jussi: I have to be honest, I actually haven’t listened to our old albums. Always when you have the latest one for some reason I don’t like to listen to the older ones. I’d be scared that I will end up thinking like “what were we thinking, this isn’t really that good”. Your taste changes all the time. It is better not to open that up.

Miikka: Yeah, you can’t do anything about it.

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After Magic Recoveries you published the EP “Back On The MF Street”. Are there any “leftovers” of Warriors the fans can hope of?

Jussi: Actually I think when the physical CD is gonna be out in spring in Germany we gonna have some extra material on that already. And on the vinyl version which is coming out soon, it has one bonus track as well. So we did some extra songs but not all of them are totally finished.

5 albums, 3 EPs, lots of material – why are your concerts less than 90 minutes long?

Miikka: But that is the perfect length. If the audience still wants more, that is the best thing to leave them with. Personally I can’t concentrate on a gig… like one hour maximum I can actively concentrate watching a gig. Especially with our music and the intensity of it and the volume and everything. I think if they were longer they would be nothing as good as now.

Jussi: And also there are cultural differences. Because in Finland the headline bands usually don’t play as long as in Germany. For some reason in Germany people are used to bands playing longer. So that is part of the reason as well, we just do not have this tradition to play more than 70 minutes.

Miikka: And to be honest, on stage, I don’t know how much longer than one hour and twenty minutes I could even concentrate myself and keep up the intensity and keep up the initial level. I’m not sure… It doesn’t seem like a good idea make them longer.

With “Magic Recoveries” you tried out working with a major label (Universal), after that you went back to your “home label” Fullsteam Records. What gave the impact to that?

Jussi: I guess it was a business decision for Universal not to continue with the next album. And for us as well as we didn’t want to make any kind of deal. It needs to make sense to us as well. But actually we are back with a major label, with Sony Music now. But Fullsteam is like a joined venture, it is involved all the time.

Miikka: The deal came after we had finished the album. We knew that there are some talks with Sony, but it was kind of a last minute decision to get on board with them. So they didn’t get to change anything about the CD. But it doesn’t happen that way. I think, that is a cliché that major labels really try to affect bands.

Jussi: Yeah. At least with us it was never like that. Actually the work with Universal was good. Lots of good things came out of it. But they put a lot of money in it and they expect big sales. And when those two do not match it is only reasonable that they are rethinking.

Your track “Undo” is kind of special, not only because it is part of a dual track, but because there have not been many songs this quiet of yours before (except the bonus track “Boxer” on “Magic Recoveries” perhaps). As a listener I can feel the big amount of heart you did put into the song. What meaning does it have for you personally?

Miikka: There is kind of a story in there. But it comes down to the ending. “Don’t regret the things you can’t undo”. I think in a way that is the message of the song. It is kind of like a reminder I guess for myself and maybe for everyone else as well not to…

Jussi: …get stuck with the past.

Miikka: Yeah, I think that is kind of like the point.

Anything you want to say to or ask me or your german fans? Something that bothers you or you wanted to tell them for a long time?

Jussi: I have no complains.

Miikka: It has been again really awesome.

Jussi: today is the last day of this tour and it was really cool.

Miikka: Yeah, and especially in Germany with all the venues, the staff at the venues, all the people – everything works an all the people are really nice. It is like the nicest place to tour. It really is.

Always my last question in my interviews: My weblog is called „LangweileDich.net“, which means something like „bebored.not“ – what do you do, when you feel bored?

Jussi: Depends on what there is to do… In a way that is a good question, because when you think about touring, we are on stage like 75 minutes and outside that, of course we have stuff to do, but we have lots of freetime. But on the other hand it is really difficult to people back there on tour with us, it is a routine. It wears you down. And of course you spend your time at places where you can’t do anything productive in a way. So I guess the computer with some headphones and maybe some kind of a program to make some music. That would be my number one as to do when I’m bored. Just make music. It does not have to be anything to ever use again. It is just fun.

Miikka: Something like that as well. I have this setup where I have to put up many wires, I don’t have that much time. But I have to have this pre-show time to get inspiration.

Thanks for the interview.

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Die abendliche Show im Logo war übrigens klasse. Auch wenn mir die Pfeiler inmitten der Location überhautp nicht zusagen, aber der Stimmung hat es keinen Abbruch getan. Nur die beiden hätten mir nach dem Interview sagen können, dass wir ein „wir gucken ernst bis gelangweilt“-Foto machen.

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