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Ende März erscheint das (von mir und sicherlich auch anderen) lang ersehnte zweite Album des französischen Duos Jamaica. Nachdem das Debüt „No Problem“ mich sehr geflashed hat (definitiv ein Anspieltipp!) bin ich sehr gespannt auf „Ventura“. Antoine Hilaire und Flo Lyonnet stammen aus Paris und machen seit 2005 gemeinsam Musik. Zu Anfang noch unter dem Namen „Poney Poney“… Ich hatte die Gelegenheit, den beiden ein paar Fragen zu stellen.

„I feel like the first day at School“

Im Interview erklären die beiden, weshalb sie später mal eine Jazzband gründen wollen, wir erfahren, welchen Status GTA V im Leben der Musiker einnimmt und was ein Album-Release und Schulbeginn gemeinsam haben.

Can you describe your music in exactly three words?

Antoine: Intense, melodic, heartfelt. But you could also use Guitar, bass, drums.

Flo: Emo/heavy/Pop

Why is „Jamaica“ the better name than „Poney Poney“?

A: It sounds better, it reads better and it allows us to drag thousands of misguided followers on social networks.

F: It makes you think about sunny and cool situations. Poney Poney brings other strange images to mind.

In March your second album will be released. Still nervous or is it kinda normal this time?

A: I think it’s twice more exciting because it’s a bigger challenge to do even better this time.

F: I feel like the first day at school.

kurzweil-ICH: Jamaica Jamaica_02
(Bild via thedroppedbeat)

What is the main difference between „Ventura“ and your former album „No Problem“?

A: Obviously, the songs were written more quickly so they’re probably more coherent between themselves. I think – I hope! – we’ve improved songwriting wise.
We decided with Laurent d’Herbécourt to mix the best of two worlds with our computer originated music brought into a bigger studio and recording techniques. „No Problem“ was a strong statement that you could make a cool record with a computer and a microphone, this time we wanted to widen the sound, use some gear we had only dreamed of before to see how they’d fit into our music. It’s No Studio meets Big Time Studio.

As you mentioned Laurent d’Herbécourt did help producing – is there any influence coming from the band phoenix?

A: Laurent’s experience with Phoenix was really interesting because he confirmed to us that those guys look for elegancy and modernity in their work. We also got lucky to witness a bit of the „Bankrupt!“ launch from a closer distance and we can tell you these guys are hardworking and that they know what they want.

Who would you say did influence your music the most?

A: René Char’s quote „Agir en primitif, prévoir en stratège“, that would translate like „Act like a primitive, foresee as a strategist“. It reminds me that you have to aim for precision, yet you have to keep in mind to let your flow run as honestly as possible. I think that the amount of pleasure you take when making music shows and will prevail in the end.

„A German guy had the Ed Banger logo on his ass“

In the clip of your new single Two On Two we get to see a real hardcore fan of Jamaica – inspired by a real person?

A: We met fans in Japan for instance who were pretty dedicated, decorating their tents at festivals with our logo, making extremely cute little flags to cheer during the shows, offering us crazy presents. I once got a message from a fan with a screen shot of his iTunes count of plays and his numbers for our first album were insane, something like 10.000 plays for each song! We’ve seen countless tattoos of artists on our audience, no Jamaica ones yet though! I remember a German guy had the Ed Banger logo on his ass.

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