Das französische Duo im Doppelinterview

kurzweil-ICH: Jamaica

What is your favorite track on the new album and did you change your mind about songs along the process?

A: My favorite changes everyday. We’re rehearsing live shows these days and I think „Turbo“ and „Two On Two“ might be the coolest to play so far. We definitely changed our minds about songs during the recording. I remember for instance that „Rushmore“ found its shape quite late, or „High Then Low“ was not even meant to be recorded at first. We just had some spare time and gave it a try.

F : Same for me but „Ferris Wheeler“ gives me the same good feelings since its demo version.

With Daft Punk and Justice you have a kinda prominent neighbourhood in Paris. Is there a way we get to here some colaboration tunes in the future? Or is there no real connection between you because of everyone jetting the world all the time?

A: Well, if Daft Punk is looking for an opening act, we’d be more than happy to oblige! But we don’t really know them that much, the link between us is definitely Peter Franco who produced our first record with Justice’s Xavier and who started the recording of „Ventura“. They even lend us some gear, which shows how cool they are. They do have the coolest guitars.
As for Justice, we’ve been friends for ages and I hope we’d end up teaming up some day, whether it’s for writing, producing or touring. Recording „No Problem“ with Xavier was an amazing experience. And Gaspard is probably one of the most talented person I know. Let’s start a jazz band when we’re all old.

„We considered asking to Robyn to write and sing with us, then chickened out.“

Neither of your two albums seem to have features. Is there anyone in particular you want to save yourself for to make a track together?

A: Actually, we wrote songs on „No Problem“ with Bent Van Looy and Soda Pop Kid. „Ventura“ features a song written and sung with Tunde Adebimpe from TV On The Radio, „Golden Times“, and „Goodbye Friday“ was a collaboration with our friend Mehdi Pinson, aka DVNO. Guillaume de Maria and Chris Caswell play synths here and there too. We considered asking to Robyn to write and sing with us, then chickened out. We also tried to write songs with other musician friends but they didn’t find some room for this album. Maybe on the third album, who knows?

„LangweileDich.net“ does mean something like „BeBored.not“ – so my last question as always: What do you do when you feel bored?

A: I hum and record bits of music in my phone.

F: I’m a kind of an hyperactive. Always something to do but when I’m bored – and I hate this feeling – GTA V totally fills the gap.

Thanks for your time!

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