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Letzte Woche habe ich die White Lies live in München gesehen. Präsentiert von yours truly haben sie einiges vom aktuellen Album Friends (Partnerlink & Kurzreview) aber auch viele Klassiker gespielt. Kurz vor dem Konzert habe ich den Jungs einige Fragen geschickt. Und auch wenn Bassist Charles Cave es geschafft hat, dass ich erneut ein E-Mail-Interview im Nachgang abtippen musste (da als Bild-PDF abgespeichert…?!), gibt er sich erfreulich gesprächig.

So gibt es interessante Antworten vom Bassisten zu einst geliebten und jetzt nicht mehr gewollten Songs, dem anstehenden Band-Jubiläum und einer möglichen Affäre mit Nick Cave…

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White Lies Interview

Maik: You are touring through Europe right now – what was your favorite stop yet, and why?

Charles: Copenhagen. I love the people, I love the city, the food, the culture. But Scandinavia in general is always a favorite part of the tour.

Do you prefer playing in small clubs or bigger venues like stadiums or halls?

No preference. If it sounds good, and people are happy to be there and enjoying the show, then I’m happy. We’ve had some great shows in front of 60,000 people, and some great shows in front of 200.

Is touring like a big road trip with your “friends” or are you kind of looking forward to be at your homes again in a few weeks?
It’s very much touring with friends. There is no way I would go on tour with anyone else but these guys. We… maybe if I got asked to play bass for Nick Cave or something… We all miss home, and the people there, but it’s always there, waiting for you like a happy puppy when you return.

Let’s talk about the “real” “Friends” – why this album title?

It’s a simple word that means a huge deal. I think it’s a word that translates well, and also one of the first words you might learn if you were learning English, so I think a lot of people around the world will know it, and it can instantly move them in some small way.

After your first three studio albums released at Fiction Records you did change the label and went with Infectious Music. Can you explain why you did that and what differences this step brought with it for the record?

The label doesn’t change things too much, but it gives us a clean slate in some ways – a fresh perspective. The Infectious team are brilliant, and have done an amazing job helping us put this record out and everything that goes with it. Our time with Fiction came to a natural end, like all things in life. It’s like taking your car to the car-wash – you drive away feeling a little “new”.

There’s a hugh diversity in the sound and no lyrical concept linking the songs – have you put all your musical “friends” together in this record and is it possible your most free one to date?

I think it is our most free record to date. That’s a good way of putting it. Very few restrictions in terms of style and theme. However, we use restriction like an instrument when we are writing in terms of arrangement and how many parts we allow ourselves in a song. It’s a very inspiring way to work. We’ll never go and make a reggae album, but I do like to feel we can push out in all directions, whenever we sit down to write.

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As “Fear of Flying” you did start the band at the age of 15 and as a “weekend project” parallel to school. Next year you celebrate ten years as “White Lies” – is this still surreal for you sometimes?

Totally. Can’t say much more than that. Hard work pays off when you’ve got a lot of luck too!

Can we expect something special next year?

Yes. I am already talking about anniversary shows where we play “To Lose My Life” from start to finish. I really hope we can do it!

Are you keen on being included in the graphics and designs of your records, music videos and merch?

100%. We all have very heightened taste for the visual side of things and the aesthetics around the band. I guess, the only thing I don’t care too much about is music videos. I find them pretty tiring in every way. But luckily, Harry and Jack don’t mind getting involved!

Who came up with the idea of this gigantic interactive maze on your website?

A group of very clever people with far more talent and technical ability than us.

In the first “hidden” treasure you’re able to find in it, you say that “Don’t Fall” is the favorite song of yours from the new album. Does this change over time? Do you happen to have tracks you at first not liked THAT much but fell in love with it over time – or the other way around?

No, I usually know which songs I love and they don’t change. When we finished “First Time Caller” I felt that it was the best song we have ever written, and I still think that. I love “Don’t Fall” and know I still will in fifty years. However, sometimes I like a song when we are working on it but then fall out of love with it. I’m not sure we’ll play “Holy Ghost” or “Bad Love” again. We lost love for those quite quickly.

I also write for a website dealing with tv series and therefore have to ask as of your previous album being titled “Big TV” – what tv shows do you love the most?

I actually don’t watch too much TV, but I thought “Top of the Lake” was amazing. I would love to write a musical score for a show like that. I love “Curb Your Enthusiasm” too.

Always my last question – based on the website being called „LangweileDich.net“ („BeBored.not“): What do you do when you feel bored?

Honestly, I just stare into space and wait for it to pass. My mind is very busy all the time, so it doesn’t take too long.
Thanks for the interview.

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