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kurzweil-ICH: Panic! at the Disco

kurzweil-ICH: Panic! at the Disco Panic-at-the-disco-interview_01

Ein bisschen skurril ist es schon – aus der 2004 gegründeten Band Panic! at the Disco ist mittlerweile ein Ein-Mann-Unternehmen geworden. Zumindest offiziell auf dem Papier und im Studio, denn der Sänger Brendon Urie ist mittlerweile auch Schlagzeuger, Gitarrist, Pianist und Background-Sänger für sich selbst. Auf seinem neuen Album Death of a Bachelorkurzweil-ICH: Panic! at the Disco ir?t=lannetwebloto-21&l=as2&o=3&a=B016ZJH7T6 (Partnlink, Kurzrevie zum Album hatte ich hier) spielt er eigentlich alles bis auf das Horn selbst. Und der Erfolg gibt ihm Recht – als erste P!ATD-Platte überhaupt wurde Platz 1 der amerikanischen Billboard-Charts erklommen.

Im Interview gibt mir Urie Rede und Antwort darauf, was sich an der Arbeit als Ein-Mann-Band geändert hat, was der Sound mit Frank Sinatra und Queen gemein hat und wie schlagfertig er gerne mit Donald Trump umgehen würde.

kurzweil-ICH: Panic! at the Disco Panic-at-the-disco-interview_03

Panic! at the Disco Interview

What does it feel like to officially be a one man band?

I love it. I love the freedom to create everything I’ve ever wanted to. Plus, I love jumping from one instrument to another.

On Facebook you mentioned that the recording of Death of a Bachelor in your own home and (more or less) alone, was a little bit like being a kid again and jumping from instrument to instrument. What were the main differences in the process of making this record in comparison to the other four?

It was immensely exciting to write parts for each instrument. Having the freedom to jump from vocals to drums to bass to guitar helped keep the excitement alive during the whole process.

You also mentioned the sound being a mix between „Sinatra and Queen“. Can you describe a little further what you mean with this?

There are moments in many of the songs that reflect a sonic influence from either Sinatra or Queen. For instance, the bridge in „Emperor’s New Clothes“ is very directly influenced by harmonies that I feel Queen would have done. And „Death Of a Bachelor“ was started with the idea of having a big band behind the vocals, much like Sinatra would have had.

Impossible Year seems to have a real „Rat Pack attitude“ on it – how about a laid back unplugged concert with whiskey and smoking instead of making somersaults on a „dirty“ club stage?

I had the pleasure of performing in a lounge not too long ago. Plenty of whiskey and smoking and crooning. I would love to do that again some time.

Death of a Bachelor also seems to be the end of an era as you often mention. Has Brendon Urie matured as a person and how so?

I love being able to look back and see myself as different people at different times in my life. It makes me more excited for what the future may hold.

How much „crazy“ and how much „genius“ lie within you as a person and your new record?

I like to ride the thin line between crazy and genius, especially during the writing process. Sometimes you just never know where you’ll land and that’s exciting.

Your band is said to have started as a Blink 182° cover band – how does it feel to see actuals covers of your own songs on the web and to know that people are singing karaoke to them somewhere in the world?

If that’s true, that’s incredibly flattering. I love hearing covers from fans. I’m also a huge fan of karaoke.

In the summer you are on a co-headliner tour with Weezer – how did it come to that?

I’ve been a fan of Weezer since I was a kid and I’ve always wanted to play shows with them. Fortunately for me, they said yes.

kurzweil-ICH: Panic! at the Disco Panic-at-the-disco-interview_02

On reddit you mentioned to make a music video for every Track of DOAB. Do you also create the ideas for the videos and what makes a good music video in your opinion?

I love collaborating with directors. I learn so much from watching every one work on a video set. It helps to make a great video when every one shares the same vision for something great.

In The Good, The Bad, The Dirty you sing: „If you wanna start a fight – You better throw the first punch – Make it a good one“. Who would you like to give „a good one“ and start a fight with (and why)?

I’m normally a lover, not a fighter. But I think we may all benefit from Donald Trump taking a few hits to the head.

Always my last question as for the website being called something like „BeBored.not“: What do you do when you happen to feel bored?

I tend to avoid boredom. It helps to keep busy by listening to music, watching movies, or practicing music of my own.

Thank you for the interview.

Thank you for the questions!

Promo-Foto: Jon Hoeg / Konzert-Foto: Meg Meyer

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